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Four ways name badges will attract positive reviews

Posted on May 27, 2019 by Imprint Plus

Oh, online reviews. The modern reputation auditors that either drive in traffic or push consumers far, far away.

Good reviews are essential and I mean essential to the success of your business. With consumers everywhere prioritizing online reviews in their purchasing habits, it is crucial that you attract positive comments to your online presence.

See for yourself.

  • 96% of consumers aged 18-34 trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations*
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations**
  • 73 % of customers trust a business more because of positive reviews***

But how can you bring in these coveted comments? Is there a strategy? What helps?

Name badges!

Here are five ways that name badges can help you develop a more positive online presence.

1- Create personalized customer experiences.

96% of consumers think it’s important to identify an individual by name when doing business. Shoppers are looking for that personal connection, as it creates a more fulfilling consumer experience and makes them feel personally linked to your brand. When consumers are on a first-name basis with your staff, trust, understanding and positive communication is fostered.

By equipping your staff with name badges, you humanize them to your customers, and ensure that your business seems friendly and transparent. Would a customer be more likely to leave a positive review about the salesperson they spoke two words to, or Stephanie, the kind, helpful employee who they connected with over their shared love of crafts.

Just ask Shopper Anonymous. Their study, which consisted of 116,000 mystery shopper reports, revealed that when a range of businesses implemented the use of employee name badges, they saw a 12% rise in customer satisfaction as opposed to companies with no name badges.****

Name badges create customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction creates good reviews.

2- Increase employee accountability.

When people are identified, their behaviour changes. Employees are much more inclined to offer exceptional customer service when their name is attached to that service, and when their performance can be easily traced back to their identity.

By ensuring staff are identified when they interact with your clientele, you heighten employee accountability, and in turn, enhance your customer service.

With higher-quality service comes enhanced customer experiences, translating into better feedback from your customer base, and thus, an improved online presence.

3- Remind customers to review.

Badge accessories such as badge talkers are a great way to remind customers and guests to write a review. These added features easily adhere to your badge, allowing you to seamlessly divert customers to comment cards, guide them to your social media sites, or offer them incentives if they complete a review.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

It can be intimidating for business owners and employees alike to ask for reviews. But consumers are actually very willing to give them. In fact, 80% of people 18-34 have written online reviews.

4- Boost your brand image

Your customers will remember the friendly interaction they had with the employee whom they now know by name, and will associate it with your brand. This creates a positive association with your entire corporate identity, and increases the likelihood that your consumer will have brand loyalty.

With brand loyalty comes positives reviews.

And when prospective customers see those positive reviews, it brings in new business, restarting the cycle of loyalty and customer commitment.

All it takes is a badge.

This valuable tool is such an easy, simple way to inspire online customer engagement and can really help your business take off.

Looking for badge recommendations?

Check out Imprint Plus’ extremely wide variety of products. With both reusable and permanent badge solutions, coming in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials, you’ll find the perfect product to introduce your staff.

** Blog.hubspot.com/service/get-customer-reviews

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Seven benefits of partnering with eco-friendly businesses

Posted on May 27, 2019 by Bold Commerce Collaborator

It’s no secret that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact. With consumers continuing to prioritize sustainability in their purchasing habits, companies everywhere are moving towards eco-friendly business practices and partnerships.

By joining this ongoing trend towards sustainability in business, you can open yourself up to a host of benefits that serve you AND your company.

But, what is an eco-conscious business? Green companies are those who demonstrate a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future, and who strive to make a positive impact on their community*. Some of the ways this can be achieved are by:

  • Switching to renewable energy such as solar or wind
  • Reducing product packaging
  • Using plant-based or natural materials as opposed to toxic substances
  • Minimizing waste at the production level
  • Partnering with local business to reuse materials instead of disposing of them as waste.
  • Creating reusable or otherwise eco-friendly products for consumer use

Now, how about those benefits?

Here are seven tremendous advantages of sustainability partnerships that will serve you, your business and our beautiful planet.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s time to get serious about reducing your carbon footprint.

With the continued depletion of the earth’s natural resources, global carbon emissions continuing to increase, and staggering levels of individual and corporate waste, we’re at a crucial juncture in time, where combating our collective environmental impact is paramount.

By making a commitment to partner with eco-conscious businesses, you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you support a growing cultural shift towards sustainability in business.

2. Diminish consumer stress

Eco-conscious companies often incorporate environmentally friendly production processes into their operation, limiting their environmental impact at multiple steps throughout the process. For example, lean manufacturing, a systematic method to reduce waste and boost productivity in the manufacturing industry, is employed by sustainable businesses across the world.  Designed and developed by Toyota, it is used to help companies achieve maximum efficiency.

Heightened efficiency + streamlined production=less stress for you, the consumer

When you partner with companies who make use of these green production processes, you give yourself the gift of happiness and health. Teaming up with an efficient manufacturer means you’re going to get your product on time, your order is going to be precise and accurate, and you won’t have to endure the damaging effects of stress and panic.

3. Less pesky packaging

We all know the feeling. You place an order, and excited that it has just arrived, you race to retrieve it and tear into the box. Buried under piles of plastic and styrofoam is your long-awaited product, ready to be enjoyed. But, what to do with all this excessive packaging? The guilt sets in as you make your way to the garbage, about to dispose of piles of waste 10 times the volume of your actual order.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With eco-conscious suppliers, excessive packaging is expressly avoided, allowing you and your business to be responsible for a minimized output of waste. Plus, packaging is often made up of recycled materials, a feature that the majority of consumers prefer. In fact, 78% of customers between the ages of 18-72 felt more positive about a product whose packaging was made up of recycled items**. There’s a reason they all agree-by limiting your waste output, you save yourself hassle while also saving the earth.

4. Save on costs

Eco-friendly companies are big on reusability. When you opt for reusable products, you save SO much money simply by avoiding pay per use costs. Think about it. Instead of paying for the same product over and over again, you could limit your spending and just buy it once. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Take plastic water bottles, for example. Even if you only purchase them sparingly, about $5 worth per week, that’s still an extra $260 per year that you could easily save by opting for a reusable bottle. And those are the savings for just ONE consumer. Imagine if an entire company made the switch-the savings would be extraordinary. With such a massive return on investment on such an easy swap, reusable products are the obvious choice.

Think about the ways you could reuse-ify your life. You might be surprised at just how many reusable options are out there.

5. No toxic materials

Have you ever read the list of ingredients on a product, only to realize you have no idea what any of them actually mean? Long lists of confusing chemicals are never a great sign when you’re trying to protect yourself from toxic materials and pollutants. From kitchen utensils to household soaps, consumer products are often packed full of harmful materials that you don’t want anywhere near you, or your employees.

With sustainable companies, you’ll often see a push towards plant-based materials. Not only do these products limit your exposure to toxic substances, but their production processes reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and they have a much lighter impact on the environment when they’re disposed of.

6. Correspond with corporate environmental initiatives

Small businesses and large corporations alike are quickly moving towards sustainability through concerted environmental initiatives. Companies such as Google, Nike, Ebay and Starbucks are just some of those making an effort to reduce their environmental impact through corporate action.

 Partnering with a sustainable manufacturer is a great way to fulfill your company’s environmental goals. Not only are you reducing your collective carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly business practices, but you’re getting a great product out of it that will serve your business.

7. Enhance your brand image

When you partner with sustainable businesses or use sustainable products, you show the world that your company takes environmentalism seriously and is making an effort to reduce its impact. This commitment is greatly appreciated by the modern consumer, with customers reporting much greater loyalty to companies who tackle environmental concerns. In a 2017 study surveying 1,000 American customers, 88% reported that they would be more loyal to a company who supports social or environmental issues, and 92% would be more likely to trust them***. When you invest in the environment, you invest in yourself.




Six name badge trends in events and conferences

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