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Why retailers are sold on name badge?

Posted on August 14, 2012 by Bold Commerce Collaborator

Retailers understand the importance of branding and promoting an image for their stores.

Most retailers spend time and money promoting their image, a concept that includes everything from designing logos to running ad campaigns, to producing shopping bags. They strive for an image that conveys professionalism and quality; one that is carefully created in store designs, layouts, and merchandising concepts.

Sales associates and employees are also an integral part of the branding program, and identifying them with name badges allows the staff to be introduced to consumers as representatives of the store brand.

Otherwise, that carefully cultivated store image can be undermined when the sales associates greet customers without the proper identification tools, such as customized and personalized name badges.

Let's Make Personal

When store employees wear a name badge identifying who they are, they are in essence making a personalized introduction to the consumer. It is similar to a personal greeting or handshake, or the exchange of a business card. This identification clearly establishes a pathway to developing better customer relations, as well as generating more sales and frequent store visits.

Consumers like to be acknowledged when shopping in a store, and they also have the need to quickly and easily identify store personnel. Nothing is more frustrating than accidentally asking other customers in the store for help in locating an item or making a sale.

More than just a badge

A badge is an added advertising opportunity for retailers to communicate promotions, sales, or other marketing material. Badge accessories serve as another means through which they can connect with their customers, allowing them to highlight their employees’ expertise or recognize their accomplishments.

Badge talkers, lapel pins, medallions and lanyards are all added features that they can easily apply to the badge, all while maintaining that same professional look.

Name badges help ensure that the face-to-face connections that your sales associates make are memorable. They help to make sure that customers keep coming back.

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